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  • Recyclable dehumidification without consumables, environmental protection
  • 360 degree comprehensive moisture absorption, wet and dry visualization window, suitable for multiple spaces
  • Recyclable, PTC heating and drying
  • 600g large-capacity dehumidification particles, only need to heat and dry for 12-15h, it can last 2-3 weeks all-weather moisture absorption
  • Transparent visualization window, dry and wet state at a glance, magic moisture absorption beads can automatically change color when wet, orange beads absorb water and change dark green
  • Product material: ABS flame retardant material
  • Rated voltage / frequency: 220V - 50Hz


 Deerma JS100, a small chopper with a cutting speed of 28000 turns per minute

 Cutting speed of 28000 turns per minute - 250 mL capacity - 40 W of power - 1500 mAh battery - Up to 30 times per charge

 Getting your garlic chopped in just a few seconds is easy with the new Deerma JS100. This small kitchen accessory (measuring just 11 centimetres in height) has sharp blades with a cutting speed of 28,000 turns per minute and 40W of power. It also has a glass with a 250 ml capacity. It has a 1500 mAh battery that gives you a usage time of up to 30 times per charge with only two hours of charging.

  • Constant temperature drying shoes, four drying shoe mode, four-stage drying
  • Special Ozone care, effective antibacterial, for better maintenance of the shoes
  • Multiple purposes machine, dry dehumidification, cold protection, drying clothes
  • Double U-shared air outlet, colleagues dry two pairs of shoe
  • Long lasting heating to dry the shoes faster
  • Wraparound heat flow for 360 degree cycle drying
  • Telescopic hose combined with til-table body for easy handling of multiple shoe types 
  • Portable size and flexible tubes
  • Multi-functions: drying shoes, heating environment, killing germs, etc


 German iF Design Award: Wireless vacuum cleaner won the German iF design award for its outstanding performance in creativity, usage, and ergonomics.

 Lightweight Design:

As light as 1.6kg, equivalent to 2 bottles of 500ml of purified water, you can carry it to climb up and down to clean your house freely.

 8500Pa Powerful Suction:

Built-in powerful mini motor, high speed and strong power, it gives you 8500Pa suction force to easily pick up kinds of trash, like liquid, crumb, sand, hair, etc.

 5 Kinds of Vacuuming Combinations:

The design of different vacuuming combinations is for you to clean different floors and different places easily and conveniently.

 New Foldable Air Filter:

Favorably prevents second pollution, and it is also with the structure of the triple filter cabin to clean the dust exhaust outlet and prevent clogging, ensuring long-lasting suction.

 30min Long Endurance:

Its continuous time is up to 30min after being fully charged, so you can clean your house from the living room to the bedroom, from the first floor to the second floor.

 Can charge from Powerbank (Powerbank not included, sold separately), Car, Computer, Laptop


6 months Warranty from Local Supplier