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  • Original Xiaomi smart air purifier is great for your daily use
  • Accurate laser sensor, it can quickly eliminate dust
  • The purification area is around 60 square meters
  • The indication light shows the air quality
  • WiFi - APP control, easy to know the air quality
  • With OLED display, convenient to use
  • You can scan the QR code to download the APP, the QR code is in theuser manual
  • Voltage: 100 - 240V

【Main Features】

● 400 cbm / h particulate CADR can deliver 6660L of clean air per minute

● OLED touch display, air quality at a glance

● High-precision laser particle sensor, sensitive to air quality

● APP and AI voice intelligent control, support remote control

● 3 layers of barrel filter purification, efficient removal of harmful substances such as PM2.5, formaldehyde

● Small size, can be placed at will

● Back-tilt centrifugal fan, brushless motor, strong combination, output high air volume

● Large-area style grille for fast and even airflow

● Better performance and lower noise

● Applicable area: 28 - 48sqm

● Rated voltage: 100 - 240V

● Rated power: 38W


● Ultimate Triple-layered Filter

- 360-degrees barrel filter for Xiaomi Air Purifier

- Integrated early effect, three layers of activated carbon filter

- Traps 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns 3-in-1 filtration for thorough purification

- Filter replacement is very convenient when it needs to change it will remind automatically

- The suggestion of filter replacement cycle is three to six months

● There is a real-time indicator that changes colour depending on pollution levels, with just 3 variations on it (Red = Severe, Orange = Medium, Green = Low pollution level)

● Working modes: favorite mode, sleeping mode, automatic mode

● Compact design, do excellent purifying job

● A peaceful and undisturbed night's sleep at a low noise level of 20dB

  • Three-layer high-efficiency filtration for clean and safe air
  • Filter out pollen
  • Trap pet hair and dander
  • 6–12 months long-term use


  1. The quality of life we enjoy is ultimately the pursuit of health.
  2. Breathing every moment is very important for a good body, eating fresh, diligently exercising, and being inseparable from clean air.
  3. In order to truly obtain a quality of life, Mijia Air Purifier Pro came into being.
  4. It has a CADR of up to 500m3h and an applicable area of up to 60m2.
  5. It adopts a new OLED display screen and a highly accurate laser particle sensor to bring a brand new healthy lifestyle!

● Front Wide-angle Air Supply: adjust the angle as you like.

● 4 Gear Wind: low noise purification to meet your needs.

● C-type Large Wide-angle Surround Air Intake: maximize the air intake area, accelerate the purification speed, and continuously output clean airflow.

● Intelligent Control: Mijia APP, voice control (only supports Chinese version), and can be linked with other Mijia smart products.

● 99.6% Filter Out 0.3um Particles: high-precision filter + high-quality activated carbon dual filtration, highly effective filter out a variety of air pollution.

● 99.99% Antibacterial and Antiviral: antibacterial and antiviral double coatings, inactivate some bacteria, and deliver healthy air without fear of bacteria.




⚡️Breath at ease with efficient True purification

⚡️The highly efficient three-layer filter core with built-in True HEPA filter can achieve a PM CADR of up to 380 m³/h, and, together with the 360° air duct circulation system, purifies at a high speed for long-lasting purified air.

⚡️Your family's health is affected by PM2.5, bacteria, viruses and pollen suspended in the air, harmful furniture gases such as formaldehyde, and substances hidden in blankets and sofas including hair and dust.

⚡️The air you breathe is filled with hidden dangers.

⚡️360° circulation for high-speed purification that provides fresh breathing air in an instant

⚡️With 380m³/h PM CADR, the 360° three-dimensional circulation system is able to fully purify the air in a 106m2 room once per hour to provide fresh breathing air in an instant.

【380 m³/h PM CADR*】Provides 5330 liters of purified air per minute*

【Anti-Bacterial 3 Layer filter】Removes 99.97% of 0.3μm particles*

【120 m2/h coverage efficiency*】High-speed purification

【High-precision laser sensors】Purification speed changes automatically

【Digital LED display】Real-time air-quality updates

【Smart control】Mi Home/Xiaomi Home APP