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  • Material: Tempered Glass (Black edge)
  • 1pcs in a package
  • Perfect fit, no white edges,high-definition,explosion-proof,scratch-resistant,strengthen adhesion,waterproof.
  • This glass protects against keys, small impacts, shrill objects, etc.
  • Anti-scratch,shield and protect your screen from unwanted scratches
  • No nasty substances are left when the screen protector is removed
  • Material: Tempered Glass (Black edge)
  • 1pcs in a package
  • Perfect fit, no white edges,high-definition,explosion-proof,scratch-resistant,strengthen adhesion,waterproof.
  • This glass protects against keys, small impacts, shrill objects, etc.
  • Anti-scratch,shield and protect your screen from unwanted scratches
  • No nasty substances are left when the screen protector is removed

High quality material

Manufactured from China

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Many colours to choose

Loose pack

  • Special charging cable for Xiaomi Mi Band 7
  • Easy to carry
  • No-disassembly magnetic charging
  • Convenient to add power

Original packaging from Xiaomi

High quality silicone

Suits for Xiaomi Mi Band 7 only


Original Packaging from Xiaomi

Suits for Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro

High quality silicone strap

Sold in each unit


Young and stylish

The innovative memory loop

Skin-friendly sillicone


Young and stylish

The innovative memory loop

Skin-friendly sillicone

  • OEM Mi Band 7 Rubber Strap
  • High Quality Made from China
  • High-end fashion
  • Waterproof
  • Scratch resistant
  • Durable, long life
  • Feel good, perfect fit
  • Softer, lighter and become more and more comfortable to wear
  • Fit for Xiaomi Mi Band 7 only

- With different compartments and internal pockets
- Curved straps and padded back for comfortable carrying on your back
- Small front pocket
- Made of polyester, breathable and quality material
- Splashproof design so the rain doesn't spoil the interior


Slim shape

Large capacity

Super light


New colorful straps, step up your style

Stylish and colourful

Comfortable to wear

Easy to attach


Braided strap

Stay cool in summer

Lightweight, breathable and minimalist, the braided strap is perfect for summer. Available in bright yellow or understated green, so you can choose to blend in or stand out from the crowd. Premium leather and rivet details complement your trendy summer looks.


Chain strap

Leather and metal come together

Stylish leather and metal make this strap the star of the show, transforming the metallic watch into a fashionable chain bracelet. The unique chain design not only makes the band lighter and more comfortable, but the stylish look means it is sure to become your go-to accessory.


Checkered strap

A classic design that goes with everything

High-quality imported calf leather for a soft, comfortable feel. The green checkered pattern is a classic and versatile design for any occasion.


Double wrap strap

The bold all-rounder

Want something that reflects your style? Look no further than the double wrap leather strap. The black and white double wrap design perfectly reflects your bold personality. Whether dressed up or down, this strap makes a real statement.



Stylish smart pendant

The new quick-release mechanism elevates the strap to a new level, while the pendant accessory together with the matching exquisite necklace watch face transform the Smart Band into a piece of "smart" jewellery, all while providing time and step-counting functions.

*Activating the necklace mode from the band or mobile app is required when wearing the pendant. Please note that enabling this mode will disable health and fitness features like heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen measurement.

*Due to the nature of how a necklace is worn, there may be deviations in the accuracy of the step counter.


Running Clip

A more professional workout

After activating the pebble mode, fit the band into the Running Clip and clip it onto your shoe laces, ensuring the watch face is oriented towards you. It will measure your running posture and provide various running data. The vibrant black and green color scheme, made from PC plastic + TPU rubber materials, make it a reliable choice.


TPU strap

The sporty choice

The soft, smooth and waterproof strap is the perfect all-rounder. Whether sweating or swimming, the vibrant colours make it easy to match to your athletic style.


Small and delicate, for easy travel

Four compartments

Can store water bottle

Skin-friendly and wear-resistant

Classic and stylish design