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  • 1 Year warranty
  • Fast shipping from Selangor
  • Fast wrinkle removal
  • Choose different ironing methods for different wrinkles
  • Long-lasting ironing and avoid frequent water addition
  • Supercharger Technology:Produces high-pressure steam to avoid the sudden increase and decrease of steam, and quickly soften fibers and smooth deep wrinkles.
  • Secondary Heating:Effectively reduce the condensate, and the surface is sprayed with ceramic glaze coating, which is evenly heated, not easy to damage clothes, and is smooth and labor-saving.
  • 135℃ High-Temperature Steam:The moisture is quickly atomized into full steam, and the average temperature is 135℃.
  • 3 Gear Steam:According to the thickness of the fabric, the required steam size is different, and the three gear steam meets the needs of the four seasons.
  • Easy to Operate:Switching machine and adjusting gear control are concentrated on the handle, and the operation can be completed without bending over.
  • Reduce Repetition:When you leave the induction area when you use it, the garment steamer will automatically stop steaming, and hold the induction area of the handle again to resume steaming.
  • Water Temperature Examination:The water inlet is equipped with a water temperature detection sensor, intelligent dynamic water inlet speed, achieves steam high-temperature stability.
  • 2L Water Tank Capacity:It can be used continuously for more than 40 minutes when you fill up with water at a time and the built-in water shortage protection function.
  • 6-fold Safety Protection:Thermal fuse protection, automatic power-off when dumping, water shortage and dry burning protection, NTC temperature control protection, 30 minutes automatic power off, water and electricity separation to prevent electric shock.