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Model: White: CMJ02LXW

Pink: CMJ02LXP

Size: 170*75*231mm(include nozzle)

Weight: 454g/

Rotated voltage: 220V-50Hz(please confirm whether you can use the voltage or not in your country, thank you)

Rotated power: 1600W

Wind temperature : hot/cold

Wind speed: strong wind gear, soft wind gear

Cable length: 1.7m

Package size: 17.2*8.5*25.2cm/6.77*3.34*9.92in

Package weight: 650g/22.92oz


A compact and lightweight fast dryer

9.5 cm ultra-short casing
20 m/s super large air flow
50 million negative ions
57°C smart temperature control

  • Upgraded water ions aid hair hydration*
  • Ultra-high air flow speed of 20m/s*
  • Alternating hot and cold to prevent hair damage
  • 360° rotation for targeted styling
  • Adjustable temperature and speed
  • Multiple overheat protections
  • High speed and quick drying; Felt wind speed > 62 meters/seconds
  • Negative ion wind smoothes roughness; Neutralizes statis electricity in hair
  • Power upgrade, stable operation; Speed uo to 110,000rpm*
  • Lightweight and ompact, not tiring on your hands; Only 338g*~1 bottle of 350ml mineral water
  • Constant temperature control reduces high temperature baking; NTC thermistor
  • Quick drying in 2 minutes
  • 2000 million negative ions
  • High power 104,000 rpm
  • Multiple acoustic noise reduction optimization
  • 345g lightweight body
  • Three colours to choose
  • 70m/s strong wind speed
  • 425g Ultra light body
  • Compact body with high-definition color screen
  • Quick-drying dual air duct design, mini size also has a large air volume
  • Intelligent temperature control
  • Tens of millions of negative ions
  • High-definition color screen, clearly visible
  • Aluminium allow integrated body
  • 60m/s ultra-high wind speed
  • 50 times/sec high-frequency intelligent temperature control technology hair care
  • 106,000 rpm high-speed motor * surging airflow, a steady stream
  • Glass bead thermal sensor
  • Tens of millions of negative ions for hair care
  • 12 temperature speed combinations
  • Hair dryer with non-hemispherical structure
  • Luxury aluminium bracket

- Folding handle

- Double-layer anti-scalding nozzle

- Small and portable

- Two-speed wind speed

- Two-speed wind temperature


Deeply Moistures the Hair for Luster, Smoothness, and Hydration

Double Water Ion Therapy

20m/s* Ultra-high Airflow

Metal Body

Smart Temperature Control and Hot/Cold Air Alternating Mode

Dual-layer Magnetic Nozzle

Removable Air Intake Filter