Xiaomi MiBro Air Smart Watch Sport Tracker Heart Rate Sleep Monitor Message Reminder IP68 Waterproof HD Touch LCD
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Main Features

Connect the watch
1. For the first use, please press and hold the Home button of the watch for
2 seconds to turn it on, scan the QR code on the watch to download the
Mibro Fit APP, or search for the Mibro Fit APP in the Android App Store/APP
Store, download and install.
2. Slide down the dial interface to call out the control center, click the QR
code icon, and use the QR code scan function in the APP to scan the QR
code to connect to the watch to complete the pairing. Or use the connection management function in the APP to search for the device, and select
"Mibro Air" and click to complete the pairing.
2. After the Android device is connected to the APP for the first time, it will
prompt the application permission activation prompt. Please follow the
prompts to activate the permission, otherwise there will be a small
probability of unstable connection.

Heart rate:Continuous heart rate measurement throughout the day, the watch will save the most recent heart rate data.
data:The watch will save and record a day’s exercise data.
sport:Contains 12 sports modes: indoor running, outdoor running, walking, football, badminton,
tennis, basketball, cycling, mountain climbing, elliptical machine, yoga, free training.
Sleep:Record the sleep status and time of the day.
weather:Show weather details, connect to APP to update in real time.
music:Control mobile phone music playback.
Timer:Watch timer function, convenient and fast.
Stopwatch:Accurately record to 0.01 second.
Do not disturb:Smart Do Not Disturb and Timed Do Not Disturb function of the watch, all reminders will be turned off after opening.
Alarm clock:Alarm reminder.
Sedentary reminder:Sitting for a certain period of time, the watch will remind you to get up.

Please align the metal contacts of the magnetic charging cable and be close to the charging
contacts of the watch. The magnetic charging cable will automatically be attached to the
charging contacts of the watch to start charging, and the charging instructions will be displayed
on the watch screen.
1. Do not charge in a humid environment;
2. Make sure that the metal contacts on the watch body and the magnetic charging cable are
not dirty or corroded;
3. Please clean the metal contacts on the back of the watch and the magnetic charging cable
with a clean flannel regularly. Ensure that the contacts of the watch and the magnetic charging
cable are in full contact to ensure normal charging;
4. This product is not equipped with a power adapter. In order to ensure the safety of your
family and property, you can use a computer USB port or choose a power adapter with an
output not exceeding 5V 1A when charging. Please purchase power adapters through formal
channels, and avoid using low-quality, fake power adapters to avoid bursting or fire.

Bluetooth data transmission
When connected to a mobile phone, the watch will instantly synchronize some data with the
mobile phone via Bluetooth, including weather, notification messages, sports health data,
etc. After the connection is disconnected or Bluetooth is turned off, the data will not be
1. The measurement results of this product are for reference only, not for any medical purpose
or basis. Please follow the doctor's instructions and never make self-diagnosis and treatment
based on the measurement results.
2. The waterproof grade of this product is IP68, and it cannot be used for deep diving and
long-term soaking in water. In addition, this product is not resistant to hot water, because
water vapor will affect the smart watch.
3. The company reserves the right to modify the contents of this manual without any notice.
Some functions are different in the corresponding software version, which is normal.

Basic parameters
Name: Mibro Air Input: 5V 1A Max.
Model: XPAW001 Size: Φ42×8.95mm
Nominal voltage: 3.7V Battery capacity: 200mAh
Charging cut-off voltage: 4.2V
Equipment requirements: Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 and above
Packing list: Smart watch(including strap) X 1, magnetic charging cable X 1,
product manual X 1


Operating mode

Touch Screen

IP rating

IP68 Waterproof



What's in the box

Smart watch(including strap) X 1

Magnetic charging cable X 1

Product manual X 1